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The project is taking place using two separate spaces on the Arizona State University campus. One is the Intelligent Stage space in the Institute for Studies in the Arts which is more or less permanently set up to respond to the actions of artists as they move, allowing performers to control theatrical elements such as music, lighting, graphics, and video from the stage space. The performance space operates through the use of video cameras which focus on musicians, dancers, or actors within a structured environment. By analyzing movement within pre-defined areas, the stage can respond to what is perceived, and react in accordance with the design of the composer, choreographer, or director. See the section on trigger and sensor environments.

The other space is the dance and performance studio no. 132 in one of the physical education buildings. It has been temporarily equipped with the same hardware and software as the Intelligent Stage. It has also been networked to send the stream out to the world wide web for the Research Presentations through a video mixing software package called Trinity. Having three spaces to choreograph required the choreographers to use different compositional strategies.

These two spaces are approximately a 10 minute walk across campus. One of the Cellbytes being developed is called "Outside" which utilises a video transmitter to send a signal back to one of the spaces from someone who is crossing campus going to the other space.