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- [ The original information on these pages is left intact below for ARCHIVAL PURPOSES, but the project is now finished and some of the links below will not be accurate. ]

Research Presentations

On Thursday [at 12 noon Arizona time] and Friday [at 7 pm Arizona time], 27 and 28 July 2000, the public is invited to view the research outcomes of the Cellbytes project either by joining us in either of the two spaces and / or accessing us via the rehearsal web streams.

If you need to check your time zone relative to Arizona time check this World Time Zone site).

These presentations are not finished performances even though certain conventions of the performing and broadcast arts are used to facilitate and frame them. In the interest of transparency, the audience has been given the option of reading some minimal information beforehand regarding the electronic processes and connectivity that will be at play in the fabric of the Cellbytes, as well as some insight into some of the choreographic starting points and processes behind the work. For further discussion and feedback, there was a question and answer session after the presentation.

Press Release


27th July 2000: 12.00 NOON (Arizona)/ 20.00 GMT

28th July 2000: 19.00 (Arizona) / 3.00 GMT

* DO PUT THESE DATES AND TIMES IN YOUR DIARY & JOIN US ON ONLINE TO SEE THE RESEARCH OUTCOMES OF THE CELLBYTES2000 Research Residency at Arizona State University's Institute for Studies in the Arts and the Department of Dance , Tempe, US

Experience simultaneous live performances in two separate interactive spaces (the Intelligent Stage and the Dance Studio Theater) linked through the use of high speed internet connections

A co-operation between shinkansen sound and movement research London, Arizona State University Tempe and ResCen, Middlesex University, London.

* Working with the theme of the future of the physical body this project uses inter-authorship methodologies to create 1 to 3 minute performance fragments for simultaneous live presentation and internet transmission

* It is a pilot project utilising two spaces at the same location as early stage research towards working in geographically separate locations in summer 2001 (Arizona State University, Tempe, US and Middlesex University, London, UK)

CELLBYTES 2000 involves a group of 13 performance and media artists :-

Europe: Ghislaine Boddington, Scott deLaHunta, Joseph Hyde, Estelle Neveux, Jayachandran Palazy, Christian Ziegler

US: Gene Cooper, Deirdre Egan, John D. Mitchell, Melissa Rex, Kirsti Topham Petty, Jennifer Tsukayama and Sonia Valle.

Plus dancers, IT specialists and production support from Arizona State University

The CELLBYTES web site contains detailed information about the project and real time documentation of the group process. The project aims to evolve structures and methodologies for media and performance dramaturgy of simultaneous remote space events. Daily streaming of rehearsals and process. (Check the site Monday 24th July for the timetable.)

You can access the live web casts through Quicktime or Real Video. Buttons to download the updated versions of these programmes are on the Cellbytes web site. Visit the site before the transmission dates to download the updates of these programmes in advance if you need them. (They may take some time and we do not want you to miss the webcasts!) Go to Research Results Presentation for details and Video Streaming for transmission.If you just cannot join us at the times we are transmitting live please do visit the site a week later to see the archived results.


This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation High Performance Computing and Communications, Advanced Networking and Applications Research program ANI 9729709 and by the following organisations and institutions:-

  • - Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University
  • - ResCen, Middlesex University, London
  • - The Arts Council of England
  • - The British Council
  • - The Department of Dance, Arizona State University
  • - Arizona State University Instruction Support Group

shinkansen sound and movement research, London - initial concept 1997 - part of the shinkansen FUTURE PHYSICAL programme - for further details