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It seems to be a condition of working with emerging technologies that causes us to evoke future possibilities. Frequently this future seems slightly or even greatly utopian (or occasionally dystopian). It is not uncommon to find that these predictions are based on conjecture that is largely theoretical. This project has given a number of artists the unique opportunity to work HANDS ON in a set of connected environments. This is an invaluable way of gaining knowledge that will better inform our speculations about the future possibilities.

However, the potential lies not only in the development of technology, but also in developing the group working processes that can be used effectively in relationship with these developments. That is why the Question for this page relates to the feelings the artists are left with at the end of the day.

Questions and Answers:

Question #11: How have you felt at the end of each day?

Answer #1: Quite tired for sure. Some days there was a sense of achievement, but often a sense of frustration, which necessarily is not a negative thing, but more of an indication of wanting to know and do more. Also the several technological possibilities I have been exposed to make me want to think differently than the conventional stage production strategies I am used to. I see the possibilities of marginalized identities and experiences finding expression in the emerging performance sites, which could include multiple layers of real and virtual spaces. It is exciting to think maybe one has the possibility now to break the mystique and privilege of conventional stage and whatever goes with it. (Jayachandran Palazy)

Answer #2: Exhausted does not represent the feeling at the end of each day, I would say more like "dead" "overloaded" and pretty much numb since my tiredness is not just mental but most of all physical. Besides the exhaustion, being involved in this project in more than one role has been a great learning experience. I have enjoyed the group process and the physical (rather than virtual) interaction with the dancers and group members of Cellbytes 2000. Sonia Valle