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Portals and Postcards (pre-bytes)

The following list of pre-byte concepts/ phrases and vocabulary is one of the maps that emerged from the first Mapping Meeting on Monday 17 July (see schedule).

Touch/ Portals and Postcards


  • Experiential testing remote communication between spaces as a performer.
  • [Isabelle Choiniere/ Cathy Weis]
  • Comparing and contrasting with audience's experience, reading, understanding, feeling, etc.
  • Breaking audience/ performer barriers
  • Presence / Intimacy, telepresence, etc.
  • Improvisation / Human and Machines - in terms of instructionsá
  • Feedback Loops // Interactivity (and not reactive)
  • Sensor Environments - dancer's body knowledge? - learning about those spaces.
  • "How we experience Technology"

Materials: Frames and Forms (space)

  • Cause and Effect - testing out play between the media and actual spaces
  • Optical/ Illusion: scale and perspective, close-ups, contrasting shadows, layering projections, perspective (appearing/ disappearing), layering shadows, silhouettes, etc.
  • Getting Rid of the Squares/ the Frame - edges, etc.
  • Movement Material -- Condensing and Miniature Spaces
  • Digital spaces/ webspace

Materials: timelines and cuing (time)

  • Feedback loops/ degradation/ machine processes
  • Data streams
  • Movement Material -- looping

Narratives: telling stories

  • Use of character and costume
  • Models: film trailers á shorts of all types.
  • Models: parodies of short advertisements
  • Movement POSTCARDS for the Net - what do you want to write on it.
  • Overall Structures/ sequencing of the whole
  • Miniature Spaces - tiny sites
  • Autobiographies

Process: Analog or Digital Play (the creativity of maths)

  • Data streams, generative ideas, instruction sets, meta-channels
  • Basing Improvisation/ generating movement from POSTCARDS, etc.
  • Beginning to share material and other metaphors
  • Simple instructions that lead to complex results --- DNA
  • Materials/ Methods/ Structure/ Form
  • Coherence of Material within the bytes

Body as the site/ conduit/ portal/ passageway/ location

  • Distorted body, traces of the body, cyborgs/ cybernetics (human machine)
  • Representing Body Through Data
  • Medical Information/ Knowledge/ Data
  • Creating Internal spaces: portal or passageways
  • Writing on the body/ Inscription - turns into STYLE (Jay)
  • More holistic body thinking into body/ technology
  • Body Memory --- through movement á
  • Impact of VR on bodies over time ??
  • Disorientation // Distraction //


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