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Mapping Media

Sunday, 23 July, two groups split up to map out materials. The media/ technical artists mapped out the media environment for each movement or performance section made so far. The choreographers and dancers met in another space to review movement and performance materials. Cross over was made between the two groups to enable weaving.

Questions and Answers:

Question #8: what are some of the fundamental differences and/ or similarities between the experience of those on the stage and those behind the computers?

Answer Pending:

Question #13: write about the gap or lack of one you feel might exist between the dancers, choreographers, media or technical artistsá and some of the reasons for this.

Answer #1: Within the short period we had and considering the amount of different things each one of us had to do, I think we have done quite well to have developed some understanding of each others' particular domain or area of interest. But we never had enough time to focus on any particular exploration or experimentation one want to pursue, which is frustrating. However, the good thing is it opened up new areas of exploration for all of us and in my case will definitely lead to future creative work incorporating that knowledge. I would have liked to have at least one more week to play before trying to put things together. (Jayachandran Palazy)

Question #18: Where do you see the issues of content and form evolving in the context of this project?

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mapping media