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Questions and Answers:

Question #4: there is apparently an 8 second lag in the image going one way between the two spaces. What sorts of strategies might you use to use the lag, draw attention to it, or try to nullify it.

Answer #1: The lag is only noticeable if the link is reciprocal. Remove the reciprocal link and the lag is unnoticeable. You can rehearse the lag so as to incorporate it into the choreography, or draw attention to the lag by using it in loops between the spaces. (John Mitchell)

Answer #2: I don't think it's all that interesting (or even possible) to try to nullify this lag. I think it's pretty interesting anyway. I'm actually quite interested in increasing the lag, almost to a point of saturation. One idea relating to this is to make a loop using the stream, so that video from point A goes to point B then back to A then to B and so on. This would provide a potentially infinite series of time 'slices' spaced 8 seconds apart, so that one could see what is happening now alongside what happened 8 seconds ago, 16 seconds ago, 24 seconds ago and so on. This would provide an interesting way to create traces of movement through time. (Jo Hyde)

Answer #3:I think to nullify the 8 second lag is ignoring an uncompromising component of the technology-- Which is contrary to one of the many objectives in this project. I prefer to think of the lag as another choreographic tool. Something that expands the choregraphic process. In using this new tool the viewers cannot help but notice it. However, to make a point of drawing attention to it (i.e., program notes, verbal announcements, etc...) does a couple of things. First, you (the collective "you") assume the viewers are unable to determine what is happening without us telling them. Second, it prevents the viewers from watching the works without prempting them, which will ultimately change their interpretations of the work. (Jennifer Tsukayama)