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The aims and themes of this project will be explored through deep group process collaboration aiming at inter-authorship.

The participants attending come from a wide range of skill backgrounds and bring with them a diverse range of social, political and aesthetics experiences. We look for good debate through this diversity and to enable the use of this opportunity as a chance to learn about other ways of thinking and being in the world today.

Discussion and debate, both as a whole group and in smaller groups, will be very important in this exchange. We need to learn all about each other's cultures, processes and ideas and evolve threaded discussions on the themes to carry through into practical work. This debate starts in the egroup in May 2000.

This process relies on the POOLING OF SKILLS AND IDEAS. It needs to be entered with an open mind and with the intention of becoming fully involved in the brief. This experience will be very different than making ones own work. You will be in constant collaboration with others, sharing, extending and merging ideas.


The outcome aim is the creation of new work-in-progress together. Authorship will be group based with clear crediting of specialist skills. Examples of results can range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes fragments.

THE GROUP PROCESS will be based on the following collaboration practice

  • all participants are skilled in a specific area, with additional secondary skills (to ensure a multi-skilled team)
  • all participants will be involved as creatives
  • skill specialisation will be practised within collaborative working methodologies
  • respect of experience and respect of topicality/freshness will be given equal weighting
  • inter-authorship is key
  • all will learn and teach equally
  • all in together to cover day-to-day practicalities


  • pooling of ideas
  • chains of interaction between participants - deep collaboration
  • open studios at all times and regular process showings
  • debate and discussion threaded throughout the practice
  • integrated documentation reflecting the process as it happens

The project will be experiential on all levels

  • sharp learning curve for all involved
  • intensive and challenging
  • testing of the individual within group/collaborative processes
  • brilliant buzzy outcomes and special professional development

Main language - English

The final say, if necessary, will lie with the Process Director who will lead the group through the inter-authorship processes. (Experience proves that with good group work this is unnecessary.)



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