Rehearsals in London, Delfina Studios, 01.03.04

Errollyn working out the final refinements with the Brodsky Quartet and Emily Beynon.
Click on thumbnails to view video excerpts. The page numbers refer to the score.

Going to Delfina Studios, South London, for the final rehearsal before the performance. FOURTH MOVEMENT from beginning on, page 34. FIFTH MOVEMENT, quartet individually practising harmonics passage (notes with circles above; a string effect which creates an ethereal sound) on page 45.
THIRD MOVEMENT, page 25, from bar 72 to the end. FOURTH MOVEMENT. Discussing whether we want to keep pizzicato in the quartet or change to arco. In rehearsal with Emily and me (at Trinity College of Music) I'd accompanied Emily on the piano (playing the quartet part) and held the pedal down which creates notes which melt and hang on into the next. Opening of FIFTH MOVEMENT, page 42.
THIRD MOVEMENT, page 25, from bar 72 to the end. FOURTH MOVEMENT, from the opening played with bowed strings.
In the end we stuck to my original score notation of pizzicato.
Everyone, including Emily, playing harmonics section page 45.
THIRD MOVEMENT, page 33, bar 133 to end, also page 31 bar 114. Emily discussing changes and me sorting out best way to notate them. Playing opening FOURTH MOVEMENT, pizzicato with the quality we'd discussed earlier. Andrew checking pitches of harmonics in FIFTH MOVEMENT.
THIRD MOVEMENT, Andrew looking at his part and working out bowings. FOURTH MOVEMENT, practising end of movement to sort out bowing issues, page 41. Sorting out rhythm at end of FIFTH MOVEMENT, from page 51, bar 94.